Sunday 26 February 2017



Although I was only 6 when Meg's Sitting Room made its last appearance in Crossroads, I was always fascinated by the fact that Meg had two telephones. A "normal" one and a red one. What was unusual about the red one is that it had no dial.

Now I know she often used it to call reception - or the kitchen - or the cafeteria - or the garage - but in my head it was so much more than that.

The reason?


Yes. Batman.

You see, Bruce Wayne / Batman also had a red phone that was almost identical to Meg's. (Commissioner Gordon had one as well - but I couldn't see why she would need to call him).

In my head I used to marvel at the fact that Meg could perhaps contact Batman whenever she had some crimes that needed solving in Kings Oak... and that Batman could contact Meg whenever he wanted to pop round for a sherry. Oh imagine the fun they could have had. A whole spin-off series "Bat-Meg"... we can but dream.

Later of course I also learned that the President of the USA also had a red phone "hotline" to Russia - which brings up all sorts of tantalising ideas of Meg sorting out the Cold War single handed.... Except of course that the "hotline" was never actually a red phone - despite what the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum tells us! See HERE.

Anyway - back to reality. The phones themselves are pretty standard. The ones most commonly associated with Meg are 1960's "706" types - and while I am no phone expert - they are relatively easy to identify due to the "curved" bits under the handset that don't appear on later 1970's ones. If you wish you can find out more about the 706 HERE.

Meg's red phone was a 706CB - which I presume refers to the blanking plate instead of a dial. Unfortunately I couldn't find a red blanking plate - so sprayed an ivory one instead.

Anyway - my phones now live next to Meg's lamp. They aren't attached to the network but every so often I do pick up the red one and ask for a coffee to be sent through.

It never comes.

Meg "Two Phones" Mortimer phones through for coffee

...Batman answers the call

NOT the Presidential Hotline. Credit HERE

Sitting Room Table (Replica)


Okay - I've bought the lamp, and I've got the painting - the next item in the list would seem to be Meg's table. I've spoken before about how amazing ebay is for collecting but this was an example of how you need to know what you're looking for - and how you need to be patient...

I spent many months looking for one of these tables - typing "Console Table", "Serpentine Table", "Reproduction Georgian Table" etc into ebay - but to no avail. Then one day a 'suggestion' popped up on my screen and it was this table. I couldn't believe it!

I was hoping for a near match, but this was exactly what I was looking for - even down to the oval-shaped flower pattern on the edges and the shape of the handle!

It didn't matter that I bought it without asking my wife - or the fact that I don't really have anywhere to put it - this was an essential purchase!

Fortunately I had a trick up my sleeve when confessing to the-other-half that I'd bought it. I waited until she had a friend round then casually dropped it into the conversation. "Oh - I've bought a table...". Of course, by the time her friend had gone, the news had sunk in and I was (relatively) safe. For now.

The seller agreed to a deal regarding postage (it was too far to go and collect it!) and soon the table was on its way to me - but the agony of the postal service!!!!....

It arrived in the local delivery office at 23:58 on Friday night. I know because the tracking app told me. It sat there all through Saturday and Sunday before arriving at my house on Monday - but what a fabulous thing it is!

It is actually much smaller that it would appear on TV - 76cm high and only 91cm wide for anyone interested - Meg's sitting room was probably much smaller than we think!

I still don't have anywhere to put it - but am considering moving a radiator and blocking up some patio doors in order to accommodate it. We shall see. Anyway - it hasn't stopped me recreating Meg's sitting room when my wife goes out!
First surviving appearance of the table - Episode 496 (1966)

Meg and Timothy - with table (1970's)
Last appearance of the table (1982)

Sitting Room recreation working well (as long as my wife doesn't find out)