Sunday 16 April 2017



I have already discussed various cups and saucers in my Crossroads Collection - some of which are replicas, and some of which are the genuine article. This is another example of a replica.

Actually, finding this was something of a happy accident. I went into an antiques shop to ask about a completely unrelated item from the show. The chap in there knew nothing of that item, but happened to mention that he knew what Jill's tea-set was called. It transpired that as a student (40 years ago) he had been surprised to find that she had acquired the same set as he had -  at around the same time.

For many Crossroads fans in the 1970's this tea-set was something of an "aspirational" item - However its classic design and bright colours make it feel as fresh and contemporary today as it did over 40 years ago.

The "Stonehenge" range was designed by Roy Midwinter and was decorated with designs created by Jessie Tate, Eve Midwinter and various other artists.

Most Stonehenge patterns were released in the early 1970's, however many remained in production until withdrawn in 1982 or 1983. Jill's design - "SUN", was perhaps the most popular and is thought that it remained in production until 1987.

You can find a full history of the range HERE.

Strangely, at the time of writing, there are many, many items available to buy online - quite a few of them are from America - so (while the items themselves are not expensive) the postage is quite high.

I don't intend to buy the full set, but I was impressed that a random person I met was able to talk in detail about something from Crossroads that he remembered from his youth. You see - I'm not the only nutter out there!

Other items available in the range - NOT my collection (sadly)

An original advert for the range

Episode from 1977 - Tea set so cool that it opens PART TWO

I love Jill's jugs - and teapot - but look at that tray!

Have you ever seen so much brown and orange in one place?

"Do you reckon one day my sofa will be a collectors item too?"