Sunday 23 September 2018



Throughout the run of the series, Crossroads was often seen as a joke by TV critics, despite the enormous affection that it was held in by the viewers. It is very easy today to forget that Crossroads was regularly watched by numbers exceeding 13 million viewers.

We’ve all heard the digs about performances that were more wooden than the cardboard scenery – although I’m yet to be convinced that Crossroads was more guilty for having wobbly walls than any other programme of the time – Yet sadly for Crossroads, it was “mud” that stuck.

And with this in mind, I come to the reason for making this post – Another recent ebay purchase that demonstrates the ridicule that the series so often received….

“I’d rather watch Crossroads than Notts. County” badge.

Now I don’t think this is an ‘official’ piece of merchandise, although I could be wrong. It is engraved red plastic – and therefore is likely to have been a “Nottingham Forest” supporter’s badge.

Midlands football fans are fiercely loyal to their clubs - and suggesting that watching Crossroads is preferable to watching a County match would indeed have been an insult! I don't really understand the complexities of Midlands football club rivalry - but there is an interesting article about it HERE.

There really isn’t much else to say about this, but it did get me thinking about other instances of Crossroads being insulted  - or used as an insult over the years…

It can take sixteen episodes of Crossroads. (If you can.) - Radio Rentals

There is of course the famous “Radio Rentals” advert for a long player video recorder – “It can take sixteen episodes of Crossroads – (if you can)” – and recently I found the following old postcard for sale on ebay, suggesting that “blonde” women were the main viewers of Soap Operas.

Bliey Lady - Don't you ever watch Crossroads? - Postcard

“Blimey lady - Don’t you watch Crossroads!!”
“Course I do officer – and Coronation Street!”

How rude! Still - it could be worse I suppose - I could be an Eldorado fan.*

* I am actually an Eldorado fan too....

Thursday 20 September 2018



I love this item. It recently came up for sale on ebay and it is exactly the sort of thing that fits in really well with my collection. In actual fact the seller had two available -a clean one, and this "used" looking one. Sadly I missed out on the clean one, but this is great and I have to say really makes me smile.

Well it does now. You see, it took absolutely ages to find in the series. The ebay seller was the husband of someone that used to work in the wardrobe department at ATV / Central Television during the 1970s and 1980's and therefore the provenance of the item is excellent.

In fact I happened to be watching an episode the other day when the lady in question's name came up in the credits. However, because there was a fairly long time-span involved I had to watch many episodes to try to find out exactly where (and when) the badge was from.

The ebay listing said it was a waitress badge - but after reviewing many, many, many episodes, I decided that it was not actually one of these.

As a side note, you can find an oustanding page about Crossroads branding on the CAS official site HERE - and I highly recommend it for trivia buffs.

Anyway, a few examples of 'similar' badges can be seen throughout the series - here are one or two...

As you can see - all similar, but either the wrong colour, or the wrong size.

In the end I had to call in expert help and I consulted Mike Garrett at the Crossroads Appreciation Society - almost instantly - he said that it looked like the badge worn by Patrick Jordan as Mr. Darby in the 1985/1986 episodes.

A quick YouTube search revealed that he was absolutely right...

Mr Darby and Roy wearing matching badges...
Mr Darby and Daniel Freeman
Daniel gets his own badge - white on black - a 1970's one?

A close-up from a publicity still of Patrick Jordan showing the correct colour combination.

So there you go - a great addition to the collection - an original costume item from the 1980's. My thanks to Mike at CAS - and it just goes to show that there is always someone more knowledgeable than yourself!

On a side note - if any ATV or Central staff members have anything in their colletion, please do get in touch!