Saturday 18 September 2021




I do. I've been looking for one like Meg's for ages. No - longer than that - forever.

OK. Maybe not THAT long - but a long time.

Sometimes it had the right handles, but the wrong number of drawers.
Sometimes the drawers were correct but the feet were wrong.
Sometimes the feet were right but there was a ledge around the top.

A few years ago I found the right bureau - but I didn't bid on it as it had been "restored" by painting it in chalk paint. Let's just get this straight here and now.... Randomly painting a piece of furniture in chalk paint or whacking a dirty great stencil on the side is not restoring - it's vandalism. But I digress.....

Meg's bureau is another of those iconic pieces that I have wanted to include in the collection for a long time. The original is owned by super-fan Peter Kingsman (also the owner of the red motel sign) so it was always going to have to be a replica.

The original bureau appeared in the show from the early 1960's until February 1982 when the sitting room set was retired.

Early 1970s

Late 1970s


It was sold, alongside many items of Crossroads memorabilia in the 1988 auction, for the princely sum of £150.

Auction Details

Check out 193

Auction Item 193

Peter Kingsman with the original bureau

It is actually NOT that old - and dates from the late 1950's / early 1960's. In terms of the show - it was useful as it meant that "office" scenes could be recorded in the large sitting room set and even using just one camera  - if the actors were positioned correctly. Apart from that - there's not much to say I suppose....

Two shot

My replica came from ebay, and was another one of those famous recommendations that pop-up every now and then with exactly the right item.

The only problem was that it was in a 4 and a half hour drive away. I say "four and a half" as that is the time it took to get to where it was being stored. It took another seven hours to get back - but that's another story...

Did I say that was the "only" problem? I meant the first problem. The second problem was that (again) I didn't actually have anywhere to keep it once I had got it home  - but after some sneaky furniture rearranging I just about managed to fit it in.

Of course - once I had fitted it in - it would have been rude not to paint the wall behind it brown - wouldn't it?

The bureau gets moved in (almost) its last appearance - 1982

Four drawers. Correct feet. No chalk paint.

David checks for the fourth drawer

Diane admires the fitted interior and curved internal drawers

There is a sticker on the back of my bureau from "Jaycee" furniture that shows an inspection date...

Jaycee Sticker

There are a few subtle differences between the original and my replica - but it's close enough for me. 

And it's also useful. 

I'm sitting here, writing the blog, at the bureau.

I'm sure Meg would be pleased.

Side by side comparison - Brown wall essential!