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Here’s one of those items that deserves pride of place in the collection – the Sun Television Award for “Top ITV Series 1974”.

Crossroads actually won Sun Awards in 1973, 1974 and 1975. It was a time when it was riding the crest of a wave in terms of popularity.

In 1973, Crossroads won the trophy for Top ITV Series, whilst the prestigious “Colditz” won for the BBC.

Title Card for the Sun Television Awards 1973

Table 26

The ceremony was held at the Europa Hotel on Friday 11th May. Noele was at the awards ceremony to collect the award, seated on table 26 with Reg Watson  and Tony Waters.

Noele Gordon receives the Sun Television Award for Top ITV Series 1973

The ceremony was hosted by Pete Murray, with cabaret by Freddie Starr. It was shown on ITV at 10:30pm

TV Times listing for the Sun Television Awards 1973

This was a big deal at the time – Nolly made a speech that summed up just how important it was for the cast to receive the award…

“Crossroads has been waiting for one for nine years… and at last we’ve got it!”

In a previous blog post I've shared these letters that were sent to the cast and crew by producer, Reg Watson and Lew Grade, Chairman on ATV...

Letter from Reg Watson

Letter from Lew Grade

Crossroads would also win awards in 1974, and again in 1975...

Title Card for the Sun Television Awards 1974

TV Times listing for the 1975 Sun Awards Ceremony

Noele Gordon receives the Sun Television Award for 1975

1975 really was a bumper year for Crossroads as the series also won at the TV Times Awards, hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck.

TV Times Awards Show 1975 - Hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck

Nolly receives the TV Times Gold Award for Top Female Personality

Noele collected the award for “Most compulsive TV character (Female) – Meg Richardson” and a special “Top Female Personality – Gold Award” (for winning a record number of times).

The awards, voted for by readers of “The Sun” and “TV Times” really are a reflection of just how popular the show and Noele were in the hearts of the British public – no matter what jokes or jibes have been made about the series in the years since - and that's why the 1974 award has pride of place in the collection.

The Three Sun Television Awards on display in the producer's office

Nolly with a Sun Television Award

Jane Rossington showed Mark Lamarr the 1975 award on The Big Breakfast

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