Saturday 27 January 2024

Crossroads Wedding Party - CD Version


Hello my friends, after something of a pause, I have popped back online to discuss something rather fabulous - a re-release of the Pye Crossroads Wedding Party album - nearly 50 years after it first saw the light of day!

Elsewhere in this blog I have commented on the original release, and if you are inclined you can visit that post. Today I am looking specifically at the BRAND NEW release of a CD version. Yes - you heard that right.... an actual CD release.

After the bumper year of 2023, with the Noele Gordon Collection DVD Box set, and the rather fabulous "Nolly" drama from ITV, I rather thought that we had seen the last Crossroads releases, but the year ended with an announcement from STAGE DOOR RECORDS that they were set to release a limited edition CD version of this vintage curiosity.

The album opens with the classic  Crossroads Theme (in stereo no less!), followed by highlights from the wedding service and blessing. Stephanie De Sykes features, singing  'We'll Find Our Day' which was originally included in the show during the wedding reception as a gift to Meg and Hugh. 

Members of the 'Crossroads' cast also perform various songs.

The tracks have been digitally remastered from the original master tapes, and the CD release also  includes a number of bonus tracks that are sure to appeal to Crossroads fans.

In all probability, the success of Nolly and the DVD release was probably something of a catalyst for this rather splendid CD and I believe it has sold rather well so far. Is it too much to hope for a "Noele Gordon Sings" as a follow up I wonder?

It was disappointing that the "Nolly" soundtrack has so-far not had a physical release (but is available to stream) as that would have been another great item for the collection.

As for "Crossroads: The Wedding Party" - this latest release 'completes the set" as it has now been available as a vinyl LP, a cassette, an 8-track and a CD.

Crossroads: Wedding Party - LP, cassette, 8-track and CD

A few days ago I saw a post online - tape cassettes had Side A and B - so it was inevitable that CD was next. Well - it took a while - but we got there in the end!
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